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Top 5 Denver Marathons in 2016 to Start Training For (with Tips!)


1. Colfax Marathon


Date: May 15, 2016

Highlights: 2 days of races, 7-race options, Unique course routes


The Colfax Marathon is known for being one of the best marathons not only in Denver, but also across the entire United States. This Denver race keeps you entertained and moving, as you enjoy views of the mountains and downtown Denver. Known for it’s exciting journey, the Colfax Marathon’s course travels through a fire station where police officers cheer you on. The race even enters into Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, where you can find yourself on the JumboTron.

This Denver Race is all about adventure, new experiences, and a variety of race options. Start training now for the famous 26.2 mile Colfax Marathon, 13.1-mile Colfax Half Marathon, the 10-mile Urban 10 Miler Race, or the Colfax 5K. The Colfax Marathon is also known for having the biggest relay race in the Rockies – the 5-person Marathon Relay, Corporate Cup Relay and the Government Cup Relay.

If you are looking to try something new, the options are many at the Colfax Marathon. Start training and register here today!

Dr. Reinhardt’s Training Tips:
Start Slow: Run the first 2-3 miles around 10-15 seconds slower than your goal pace. This will preserve glycogen for later in the race so you can finish strong!


2. Runs With Scissors Races


Date: April 23, 2016

Race Location: Adams County Regional Park

Highlights: Flat Surface, Community, Race for a good cause

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Not much of an incline runner? That can be a challenge in Denver. Luckily, the Runs With Scissors Races serve as a perfect alternative for those of us who like to stick to flat surfaces.

The Runs With Scissors Race is held at the Adams County Regional Park (near the Denver International Airport) and is actually a loop course of 1.31 miles around the large Mann-Nyholt Lake. This means that you will run 10 laps for the half marathon and 20 laps for a full marathon. Sounds easy enough, right?

Loop races have their advantages – you are never too far from a restroom or medical aid. You also get to continually see and interact with the people in the race, so it’s easy to root each other on and offer support. Runs With Scissors also benefits a local charity called INSPIRATIONFIELD that works with the developmentally disabled in Otero County and surrounding areas.

Dr. Reinhardt’s Training Tips:
Find Your Perfect Stride: This race is the same level throughout. Focus on the correct stride for your body and speed, and increase your stride as you approach the last few miles.

3. Revel Rockies


Date: June 12, 2016

Race Location: Rocky Mountains

Highlights: Beautiful scenic course through the Rocky Mountains, Smooth downhill slop, helps set PR to hit Boston Qualifying time


If you are looking for a marathon that you will remember forever, the Revel Marathon is the one for you. This road-race marathon takes runners downhill through the forests and canyons of the Rocky Mountains, with breathtaking views of the Mile High City, mountain lakes and more.

This downhill slope makes it one of the fastest Boston Marathon qualifying races in the country, but it can also be a challenge for runners who are used to running on flat or uphill land. Downhill running works the muscles very differently, so it is important to properly train for this style of course.

Dr. Reinhardt’s Training Tips:
Time Your Training Wisely: Begin adding downhill workouts early in your training schedule. Work up to one or two downhill runs per week, but make sure you have completely recovered from the previous run to avoid injury.


4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver


Date: Oct. 16, 2016

Race Location: Downtown Denver

Highlights: Music every mile, Post-Race Concert Series, Variety of Course Lengths


The Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver Marathon Series is a blast for anyone who loves running, music, and the city of Denver, CO. This scenic course covers downtown Denver and features live, Denver bands every mile, so you can be entertained throughout your entire journey. Bands perform a variety of music while you run, from alternative to classic rock, punk, funk and blues.

The party doesn’t stop when you get to the finish line. Participant perks include a free beer and admission to the Finish Line Festival and Post-Race Concert, where you can celebrate your physical accomplishment.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver has a course length for everyone with distances of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Relay and Marathon. The event begins on Friday, however, with Health and Fitness Expos at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO to prepare you for the race and get you in the mood for fitness! If running tends to bore you, choose this marathon next to mix it up a bit.

Dr. Reinhardt’s Training Tips:
Warm Up: The weather will be getting colder in October. Warm up those muscles by doing 5-10 minutes of light jogging and/or walking before the race, followed with stretching.


5. Hot Chocolate 15K Denver


Date: Oct. 2, 2016

Race Location: Downtown Denver: Civic Center Park

Highlights: Family activity, CHOCOLATE after party, Hot Chocolate Goodie Bag


Hot Chocolate and Running? The two go together once Winter begins to grow nearer in Denver. The Hot Chocolate 15K race is the perfect marathon to get you out of the house and warmed up, just in time for winter.

This race covers and highlights Denver’s biggest attractions, spanning across the downtown area and beginning and ending at the beautiful Civic Center Park.

The best part about this race? You guessed it – the delicious post-race party. You receive a large finishers mug filled with chocolate fondue, dippable snacks and hot chocolate.

Family and friends can attend the party in Civic Center Park, where little ones can play in inflatable bounce houses in the kid zone and take pictures with the giant hot chocolate inflatables.

Dr. Reinhardt’s Training Tips:
Train Outside: You will be in for a rude awakening if you spend all your training time inside on the treadmill. Make sure to go outside and run to get your body adjusted to the cooler temperature for this race.