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Meet The Staff

Bridget Hulse – Massage Therapist

Bridget has several years’ experience in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics helping clients with chronic pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, and car accident injuries. She is fascinated with the science behind massage therapy and loves being a part of her client’s healing process.

She is passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle and loves to give suggestions regarding additional exercises, diet, and stretches that can improve her patient’s outcomes.

Bridget graduated in 2014 from Aveda Institute of Massage Therapy.

Specialty Techniques:

Deep Tissue Massage     Craniosacral Sports Massage     Sports Massage

Fire-Cupping                    Myofascial Release                       Trigger Point Therapy

Swedish Facilitated         Stretching                                       Lymphatic Drainage

Active Release Technique

Jen Bobich – Massage Therapist 

Massage is a calling for Jen. Fitness, wellness and massage have been a lifelong interest of hers. After 20 years as a geologist, Jen was ready for a change into a career that would allow her to help others. She enrolled in a massage program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts expecting relaxation massage to hold her interest. She soon discovered sports and medical massage practices enthralled her. This realization led her to study the amazing benefits of sports, structural, and deep tissue massage methods.

Jen spends as much time as possible hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rafting, and running in this beautiful state. Massage treatments helped her recover from athletic injuries and maintain muscle health, so she understands the value of combining a regular massage program with physical therapy and activity. She plans to continue building her skills in therapeutic massage to help others achieve the same success. It makes her very happy to see the relief in clients from these techniques. Jen now loves every day in her new “office”!


Christine MacCarroll – Functional Nutritionist

Christine is a functional nutritionist focused on helping clients overcome chronic health conditions like digestive pain, thyroid dysregulation and hormone imbalances using principles of holistic health and nutrition. She works together with clients to discover and heal the root causes of their conditions so that they can regain energy and feel like themselves again. Her mission is to impact health care by empowering individuals to understand and care for their own unique physiology.

Her philosophy is based on a whole foods, nutrient-dense, diet and the conviction that food is meant to be our first medicine. After helping her own daughter recover from a neurological speech condition through nutrition, she knows first-hand the power of the body to heal when given the right tools. Christine is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, a member of both the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), and is a Group Leader for the NTA.

Alexandra Rose – Exercise Specialist and Fascial Stretch Therapist

Lexy holds a Masters in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University, a personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a Pilates mat certification through BASI, and is a level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist. Lexy has experience working within physical therapy clinics, within corporate and commercial gyms, and with private in-home clients. Mrs. Rose is also the Founder and Owner of StretchWorks LLC. You can find out more about her experience, services, and pricing at StretchWorks.

Laura Thompson – Office Manager

Laura is a native to Colorado. She loves to play soccer, hike, snowboard, and take her dogs to the dog park. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family, and friends.

She is very kind and outgoing, so helping other people comes very naturally to her. She loves being a helping hand whenever and wherever she can!