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I went to Dr. Reinhardt for severe neck pain several years ago. He was extremely professional and comforting. I was very fearful because neck and back problems run in my family – many requiring major surgery. Dr. Reinhardt calmed all my fears and came up with a great plan for rehabbing my neck. It has been over two years, and the pain has not come back. I still do many of the exercises Dr. Reinhardt showed me.I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Reinhardt for all your chiropractic needs. He was excellent, and unlike other chiropractors I have seen before him, he didn’t try to sell me gadgets or supplements that I didn’t need. He was honest and hard-working from day one. Thank you Dr. Reinhardt!

– Jeff P.

Before coming here, I suffered chronic upper back, neck pain and headaches for about 10 years. I had previously gone to multiple chiropractors, physical therapists and back specialists, all with no relief. After a few sessions here, I was already feeling better and had a big reduction in pain. I haven’t felt as good as I do in a long time. Highly recommended.

– Ryan C.

Unparalleled attention and care with Dr. Reinhardt! Every appointment I’m there for about an hour, working on very specific areas with a number of approaches to fix what’s going on with my back and really get to the root of the problem. Aside from that I have a number of exercises I can work on while I’m at home to strengthen my back muscles in between appointments. Couldn’t be happier, just wish I had found this practice sooner!

– Chip K.

Graham Reinhardt is not the first chiropractor I’ve ever worked with, but he’s definitely the BEST! I originally visited his office in 2013 (after a hip injury) because of its proximity to mine. I only went in the first time to grab a pain-relief product that was available there, but then decided to also get a free evaluation. That quickly (and very willingly) led to full chiropractic treatment & rehab, and I’m very happy that it did.

Dr. Reinhardt is well-trained, professional, friendly, and shows a level of care & involvement that seems rare in today’s healthcare industry.

Two years later, I still depend on Dr. Reinhardt’s services and guidance.
THANK YOU, Dr. Reinhardt!

– Phil V.

Dr. Reinhardt is about as good as you will ever find. I had a back injury a few years ago and have needed regular chiropractic for some time. My old Doc retired, and I had to find a new chiropractor. Now I have learned over the years that anybody who is ready to just jump in and start cracking your back without first investigating and getting x-rays, etc. is not to be trusted! Dr. Reinhardt won my confidence by first asking for x-rays and MRI and looked at my WHOLE spine, not just the place that I hurt. We then proceeded to look at other issues that were not being addressed by my previous doctors. Set a course to recovery and PT to help keep things healing and getting stronger. You will have to put some of your own effort in but with this office you will have support and concern throughout your treatment. Also they can work it out with most all insurance so just because they may not be in your network ask them about a workaround….there are ways!!!

– CJ J.

I have used Dr Graham to help with a couple of chronic issues that I ignored over the years. I have gone to many chiropractors but have only found one other that was as thorough as he is. I really like his methodology: 1. First find out what the issue really is, not the symptoms but the cause.

2. Treat the issue using the many techniques he has at his disposal.

This may be the most important

3. Teaching me to understand the cause and giving me the tools to treat the early symptoms in the future

He is the real deal (plus he is a really great guy)

– Mitch C.

I initially went to see Dr. Reinhardt because of knee pain that had stopped me from running and also made it hurt to walk. I was pretty distressed about the whole issue and was dubious of getting a new chiro after having an amazing one when I lived in Florida. At a booth at the farmer’s market in Cherry Creek, I asked him to convince me I should come see him. In 2 minutes or less after I told him my problem- it took him 30 seconds of talking to assess that he was going to be great! Within in 4-6 sessions, Dr. R. got my knee back in shape, gave me a list of at-home exercises I could do to strengthen the muscles around my knee and then I was literally up and running! I now see him for maintenance when my body gets out of alignment, and he takes great care of me. His professionalism, enthusiasm for what he does and excellent customer care are what keep me coming back. I refer everyone I know to him, and they all have had excellent experiences.

– Maira H.

I am really picky on where I go to get adjustments. I got into a bad car accident in December and needed a chiro. I just so happened to have gone to Dr. Reinhardt before my accident because of a yelp coupon and really liked his office and his work ethics. I was also recommended to come here from a chiro I was seeing in Illinois. Dr. Reindhart is great and knows his stuff. He is very passionate about what he does, and you can tell when he treats you. If you’re looking to get adjustments, physical therapy or a massage I would definitely recommend to come here!!!

– Liezyl R.

When I first met Dr. Reinhardt at the Cherry Creek farmers market, I had pulled my neck out. It was a Saturday, and he generously offered to go back to his office and see me on his day off. I was truly impressed not only for his kindness, but also for his compassion to help me out in my time of need. I have been going to him for the last two years, and he has truly been wonderful. He is always positive, upbeat, and he really cares about his patients’ needs. I never feel rushed like I have in other offices, and he really stays focused on helping you get relief from your pain. If you want someone who listens well, cares about your needs, and desires that you feel the best you can, than call him immediately because he’s the one you can count on to get you back to feeling wonderful.

– Susie S.

Best Chiropractor Ever! I went to other chiropractors before Dr. Reinhardt and was shocked at the comparison. Others didn’t want to do anything but adjustments to fixed my pinched sciatica but Dr. Reinhardt does all the latest and greatest techniques and I am seeing fantastic results. His prices are even better than the other basic offices as well. Dr. Reinhardt believes in total body care which I can appreciate. You never feel uncomfortable. He is a true professional and I am very glad that my husband’s co-worker told us about Reinhardt Chiropractic – I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Reinhardt!”

– BM

Dr. Reinhardt is an outstanding chiropractor. He not only fixed my neck and lower back pain but he also provided me information on how to keep the pain from reoccurring. He is very professional and also has a great balance with his personality and genuine interest in patient outcome.”

– SN

DSC08756 (1)Dr. Reinhardt is compassionate and provides thorough and effective chiropractic care. In addition, he is patient and respectful. I am a big proponent of self healing, but it is nice to have an expert’s opinion to help when I hit a wall. Dr. Reinhardt listened to me and answered numerous questions I had about how my workouts and activities affected my spine. Aside from his expertise in chiropractic care, Dr. Reinhardt is also incredibly knowledgeable in sports medicine and rehabilitation, nutritional supplements and alternative healing.. I had a shoulder injury for many moons that I was nursing back to health and while in an appointment with Dr. Reinhardt for a chiropractic adjustment, he pointed out how unstable my scapula was. It made me realize that I had been neglecting my rhomboid muscles during my work outs. Once I modified my workout to include those muscles, my shoulder healed up quickly.”

– GD

Dr. Reinhardt is a considerate doctor that evaluates your health and then explains how his treatment methods will help you. I have personally been relieved of serious pain after seeing Dr. Reinhardt and have much better health now because of it.”

– TS

I have always been a little skeptical when it comes to the benefits of chiropractic care, however, Dr. Reinhardt has made me a TOTAL believer in what a good/experienced chiropractor can do. Dr. Reinhardt takes the time to discuss your concerns and explain his plan of care. I have had a pretty intense workout schedule over the past several months and was experiencing significant pain in my back and neck. I was starting to believe that I would have to temper my training. Within the first visit with Dr. Reinhardt, I felt significantly better and each visit afterwards resulted in a major difference in my spine and neck. Because of him, I have been able to continue with my training. I honestly wouldn’t go to any other chiropractor!!!”

– DL

DSC08774 (1)When choosing a Chiropractor, there wasn’t and isn’t a choice for me. Dr. Reinhardt is not only a great person and friend, he’s an excellent Dr. I’ve always felt that Dr. Reinhardt genuinely cared about how I was feeling & about the progress of my treatment. I had seen him a few sporadic times over the years for various reasons, but then I was in a car accident in June of 2013 and needed more regular treatment. I then saw him an average of 2-3 times per week. Even if I didn’t have an appointment and I felt that I needed Chiropractic care, he would be sure to accommodate me the best he could. Dr. Reinhardt is a very smart, thorough and caring Dr. I would recommend him without question.”

– HC

Dr. Reinhardt was able to relieve the stress in my back as well as my stress in going to see a chiropractor. He was very professional and has a great “bed side manner” that most doctors lack. And he was of course able to get me to the end result I was seeking. I would highly recommend seeing him for any issues you may be having. There are none too small.”

– DB

I know Dr. Reinhardt through a referral group (BNI). From this experience alone I can tell you that Dr. Reinhardt is very professional and extremely knowledgable in his field. Personally, Dr. Reinhardt helped to correct an issue with my knee from a sports injury from nearly 20 years ago. By some means this injury became inflamed. I approached Dr. Reinhardt. He took time to understand my issues and developed a game plan. For me the treatment was to include 10 sessions (a guess), however I felt no more pain by the 8th treatment and I have been pain free since. Dr. Reinhardt is by all means Five Stars – Excellent!”

– PC