What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

  1. It is an interactive treatment on the massage table, rather than a passive massage.
  2. Clients are cued to gently fire overly tense muscles, in order to fully relax and re-program them.
  3. Fascial stretch therapy uses a lot of traction, creating more space within joint capsules, and creating an increase in range of motion that can at times be immediate.
  4. Treatment is always assessment based, and clients are re-assessed upon at the beginning of each session.

What is Involved in a Typical Stretch Therapy Session

  1. Pilates-based core work.
  2. Customizing strength training based on clients’ athletic endeavors, injuries, weaknesses, disabilities, work/life demands.
  3. Physical therapy type conditioning for, stabilizing and injured muscles.

Alexandra Rose – Exercise Specialist and Fascial Stretch Therapist

Lexy Rose is an Exercise Specialist who believes that movement is vital to the health of the human body. Mrs. Rose strives to educate and inform clients of how best to prioritize their physical health with the application of healthful exercise and recovery. Unhealthy movement patterns can result from the habitual physical demands of work, athletic training, injuries, surgeries, disease, and daily life.

Using Fascial Stretch Therapy and equipment based myofascial release techniques, Lexy helps clients minimize pain by restoring joint flexibility and mobilizing restricted muscles and soft tissue. When flexibility is restored the nervous system becomes more proficient at recruiting appropriate muscles for the task at hand, thereby decreasing compromised and weak movement, and increasing power and strength.

Lexy also offers Pilates-based Comprehensive Strength Training; a wonderful addition to chiropractic, massage, and stretch based routines.

Our Fascial Stretch Therapies have helped thousands of people live happy, healthy, and pain-free lives!


Fascial Stretch Therapy