The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how daily life operates. As more individuals continue to get infected with the novel coronavirus, and with over 100,000 American deaths due to the illness, our top priority remains keeping our employees and patients healthy. Yet, as we wait for a vaccine, daily life continues for most Americans. This means individuals are still experiencing musculoskeletal problems that need attention. 


The Department of Homeland Security deemed chiropractic offices essential businesses during the height of the crisis this spring. However, in an effort to best protect our employees and patients we closed our clinic to the general public while more information and research on the novel virus could be gathered. As our clinic is now reopened, we still remain focused on protecting the wellbeing of anyone who walks through our doors. 


We have taken recommended precautions and adopted additional sanitary practices to best reduce the risk of any illness for our team and patients. In addition, we are closely monitoring the latest information put out by the CDC and our state and local health departments. 

How We Are Practicing Chiropractic Care 

As COVID-19 continues to be a health crisis, many individuals have put their routine or needed care on hold as a thoughtful precaution. However, this prolonged absence or delay has allowed musculoskeletal pain to worsen or flare-up. With back pain being the sixth most common health condition among adults in the United States, many individuals are still in need of care to properly function in their day-to-day. 


We are dedicated to helping give our patients the care they need during this unprecedented time. Here are the steps we have implemented at our chiropractic clinic in order to provide the safest possible environment: 


  • Required face masks 
  • Social distancing between patients and staff 
  • Reduced patient visits
  • Available hand sanitizer 
  • Increased hand washing 
  • Enhanced and frequent cleaning of common areas and touch zones


Dr. Reinhardt and staff are committed to minimizing physical touch as much as possible in order to best protect against the transmission of germs. If you have more questions about our current clinic standards we encourage you to call us at: 303-955-4609