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There is so much that goes into raising a healthy child; from birth to teen, children’s bodies are ever growing and changing. In fact, the spine is the first thing developed in the womb and subsequently controls the entire nervous system. Making sure the spinal cord is properly aligned and healthy has numerous benefits, some of you may not even realize.

Posture and Overall Health

A properly aligned spine can have a direct affect on a child’s posture; having good posture as a child will help set you up with good, healthy spinal posture well into adulthood. Moreover, an aligned spine can help clear the neural pathways. This, in turn, helps the nervous system do its job which is vital to healthy living.

Immune System

It can be very difficult as a parent to have a sick child; they have to miss school, activities and they feel terrible. As a parent, all you want is for them to feel better. Since chiropractors aim to reduce interference to a child or baby’s nervous system, this can help an immune system heal more efficiently.

Breathing Difficulties

Asthma and respiratory illnesses like bronchitis are all too common in children these days; however, a chiropractor can help address these issues. The normal flow of the lymphatic system can be disrupted by tight neck muscles. As this system is interrupted, it causes the immune system to become overloaded and can cause difficulty breathing. A chiropractic adjustment to loosen the neck muscles can open the lymphatic system allowing proper drainage; this can directly help the respiratory system making chiropractic care ideal for anyone with allergies, asthma or other breathing-related issues.

Breast Feeding

When it comes to breastfeeding, if your baby has trouble latching or staying on, this can be helped with chiropractic care. The birthing process not only takes a toll on a mother but also the baby itself. By realigning a baby’s spine, neck and shoulder, a chiropractor can make it more comfortable to feed the child.


One thing kids and babies are often pretty good at is keeping parents up at night. If you are struggling to get your baby or kids onto a normal and healthy sleep schedule, it may be due to a misaligned spine. This can cause discomfort or disrupt the nervous system. A Chiropractic adjustment could be a solution to help your kids sleep and yourself catch some z’s.

Minimize Injury Risk

Babies bones are flexible, keeping up with chiropractic care while they learn to crawl and walk can be beneficial in preventing injury. By making sure the joints and ligaments are functioning properly, this can minimize the risk of injury as babies become more active.

There are so many benefits to chiropractic care for both adults and children. At Reinhardt Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we develop effective plans for helping anyone achieve peak wellness for their bodies. Contact Dr. Reinhardt today if you’re child is having any of the issues mentioned above. Dr. Reinhardt tailors chiropractic plans for any individual helping ensure success on the path to feeling better.