Introducing chiropractic care into your life can yield many positive benefits, so much so, that patients often question us by asking “How often should I visit my chiropractor?”. The true, short answer to that question is – “It varies.” Every ailment, disease, and discomfort that chiropractic brings relief to is different – and so are you.

A proper chiropractor should assess your situation as unique and not give you general answers to any of your questions. Generally, most chiropractic care services can be treated within a few sessions. Sometimes, this requires bi-weekly or once-a-week visits to your doctor enable to combat the problem.

Back & Neck Pain Chiropractic Care Visits

Most commonly, chiropractors deal with the neck and back often as many of their treatments focus on relieving pressure and applying adjustments to the spine. By adjusting the spine a chiropractor can improve your body’s physical function and improve your overall spinal function. Your spinal cord forms a vital link between your brain and the rest of your body because of this chiropractors can go beyond just healing simple back and neck pain issues that are typically brought to them.

With neck and back problems being one of the main reasons individuals start going to their chiropractor, the average chiropractic doctor is well versed in helping completely solve or relieve pressure from the neck and back area. On average, individuals neck and back pain will subside substantially after several (3-5) visits. Again, previous injuries, your individual condition, and other underlying factors can ultimately play into your own personal path of recovery with a chiropractor.

Intense Pain & Chiropractic Treatments Visits

For those who have a condition or ailment that is causing intense pain a more intense chiropractic care regimen should be expected to naturally combat the unbearable discomfort. With an adequate schedule and a serious pain problem, suggested visits to your chiropractor may increase to two or three trips a week. You can expect the number of visits to deteriorate over time as your condition improves.

Intense Pain Conditions Chiropractors can Help with:

If you are receiving multiple adjustments or visiting your chiropractor multiple times a week and your pain has not diminished, it’s time to look for a new provider. Not all Chiropractors use the same methods for adjustment. Similarly, if you don’t believe that chiropractic care is helping you address the issue it may be time to consider other options.

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