Have you ever heard people going to the chiropractor to have their spine “cracked”? That process is actually something called a chiropractic adjustment, and chiropractors use them to help people with various types of aches & back pain.

What are chiropractic adjustments?

Chiropractic adjustments (also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation or spinal manipulation) are a common technique used by trained chiropractors to help relieve back pain.

When a chiropractor performs an adjustment, he or she manipulates the spinal vertebrae by applying pressure to the parts of the spine that are experiencing pain or functioning abnormally.

The goal is to reduce something called subluxation (when the spine is slightly misaligned) in order to relieve pressure that can lead to various types of pain. Subluxations can give you the feeling of being “locked up,” ultimately resulting in pain, stiffness, numbness or tingling.

What happens during an adjustment?

To perform the adjustment, your chiropractor will gently thrust his or her arm at the spine using a controlled force, velocity and angle to make the necessary manipulation to the client’s spine.

Before the adjustment, you will typically lie facedown on a chiropractic table. Once the adjustment is complete, you will usually hear an audible release of joint pressure (sometimes referred to as a “pop” or “crack”), which is generally followed by a sensation of lightness or feeling of relief.

Depending on your condition, you may require a series of treatments every couple of days or so. It is common to receive several treatments per week until the condition subsides.

Are adjustments safe?

Yes. Spinal adjustments are a safe and effective tool for reducing certain types of pain.

Although chiropractic adjustments have many uses and benefits, they are particularly good for relieving acute back pain, which is often caused by sports injuries or other sudden movements (like moving something heavy). In addition to the lower back, adjustments can also help relieve pain in the neck and head.

More than 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor annually, with more than a third of them seeking relief from back pain. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be safe and effective forms of pain relief for:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Athletes
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • People with injuries

Although spinal adjustments by a trained chiropractor are safe and have a very low risk of serious side effects, you should avoid seeking a spinal adjustment if you:

  • Have cancer in your spine
  • Are at high risk of a stroke
  • Suffer from severe osteoporosis
  • Have a bone abnormality in your upper neck

What are the possible side effects?

Serious side effects to chiropractic adjustments are incredibly rare. It is possible that minor side effects may occur, including a headache, fatigue or mild pain around the treated parts of the spine.

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