On average, there are over 16,000 daily car crashes in the United States. These incidents range from small fender benders to more severe, life-altering impacts. The days, weeks, and months after a crash can leave individuals hurting with chronic pain, unable to live the same style of life as before.

Car accident injuries change lives and often result in individuals struggling to find treatment to erase or even mitigate their health problems. Jumping from physician to physician, individuals rack up medical costs without any tangible results — or they get prescribed a pain medication that can become addictive and fails to address the root cause of the injury.

What Happens to the Body During a Car Accident

In the occurrence of a car accident, the body may be suddenly or violently thrown or shaken from its natural sitting position. This forceful and unnatural movement on the musculoskeletal system can cause significant damage and disruption to the muscles and joints throughout the body — particularly the spine.

Soon after a car accident, injuries like bruising, lacerations, and broken bones are more identifiable. However, injuries to the musculoskeletal system normally fly under the radar for the first few days to weeks before they are felt — yet the consequences or pain associated with these injuries may last for a significantly longer period of time.

Common signs of injury to the musculoskeletal system include:

What Chiropractic Care Does For Car Accident Patients

When the musculoskeletal system becomes misaligned, a variety of issues can manifest, including systemic bodily inflammation, improper nerve function, development of scar tissue, and more. When visiting a chiropractor following a car accident, a full examination will help identify all musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunctions resulting from the trauma— this involves the use of x-rays to better locate specific misalignments in the body.

By using non-invasive methods, a chiropractor can help solve the root cause of your back and whiplash pain. By focusing on restoring the body’s proper alignment and muscle condition, patients can see dramatic short and long-term improvement in as little as one session. Depending on the affected area, a chiropractor may use a variety of spinal manipulation techniques to realign the spine and discs, such as HVLA thrusts or decompression therapy. If soft tissue centers at the core of an individual’s pain, chiropractic care can help restore the muscles proper length and tension through targeted physical exercises, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and other therapies.

Going to see a chiropractor soon after a car accident might not be the first thought many individuals have, however, the holistic approach with chiropractic care fits well with common injuries associated with auto accidents. Here are several benefits to seeing a chiropractor:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Restores range of motion
  • Realigns spinal column
  • Minimizes pain
  • Heals nerve endings
  • Releases positive hormones
  • Improves sleep
  • Promotes better relaxation

After an accident, it is best to start chiropractic treatment as soon as possible to limit the negative effects on the musculoskeletal system — and the possible hindrance to your lifestyle. Countless individuals have found healing after their car accident through the natural, medication-free approach to chiropractic care.