With the wide range of medical issues that can be helped or solved through chiropractic care, it may seem likely that chiropractors rely on prescription medications when working with patients. However, this is actually not the case. There are a couple of fundamental reasons why chiropractors do not prescribe medication. To understand these, it helps to understand what chiropractors actually do.

How We Care For You

Chiropractic care is different than the type of care you’d receive at your family MD. Chiropractors are highly trained for 4 to 5 years after attending undergraduate college in order to fully study the body and learn hands-on training.

Our approach differs from other types of practitioners. We study holistic care in order to evaluate people’s lives separately from their conditions to help provide total care that goes well beyond prescription medication.

At Reinhardt Chiropractic, we can help you create a healthier life from the ground up. Some examples of services we provide include spinal manipulations (adjustments), physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, sports injury therapy, clinical nutrition counseling and more.

We will work with you to create a holistic wellness plan to address the causes of your issues at multiple levels. For example, if you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, your plan may include:

  1. Spinal manipulations to relieve pain and improve function and mobility
  2. Massage therapy to ease tension and relieve stress
  3. An exercise plan to help the body continue to function optimally, and
  4. Nutrition counseling to reduce inflammation and improve energy

In short, chiropractic focuses on natural healing methods to get people back to their lives without pain.

Who We Treat

Chronic lower back pain is just one of the many reasons why our patients visit us for prescription-free solutions. Dr. Reinhardt has experience treating people from all different walks of life (from your average Joe to Olympic gold medalists)!

Whether we are working with a child, teen, adult or senior, we create a prescription-free plan to get you back to health for good.

The Problem With Prescriptions

The United States has a big problem with prescriptions right now. Pharmaceutical companies are charging massive amounts of money for drugs they effectively own, which Americans must pay after they have become reliant on prescriptions for dealing with their chronic symptoms.

Chiropractors and Perscribing Medicine to Patients

Opioid use is now a national epidemic because, for too long, doctors have relied on their addictive strength to mask chronic pain, rather than addressing its source.

To put it into perspective, 1 in 3 Americans have used an addictive prescription opioid. On top of this, nearly half of the 33,000 deaths from opioids in 2015 were from prescriptions. Unfortunately, this number continues to grow annually.

We believe in doing things differently. Our goal is to not only make you feel better, but to also make you healthier for good. That is why we take a holistic approach to your care that looks at many different facets that may be contributing to your pain or other symptoms.

Come See What We’re About

Still have questions about how we can treat your pain without the use of prescriptions? Give us a call at 303-955-4609 or schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about the holistic plan we can create for you.