Give Your Loved One a 1-Hour Massage for only $55 or two for $100!


Relieve stress and boost your loved one’s mood this month with a professional massage from Reinhardt Chiropractic! The gift of healthy touch is memorable, and for the entire month of February, we are offering a special deal for your sweetie.

Normally $65, we are offering full-hour massages for only $55/massage or $100 for two massages! Contact Reinhardt Chiropractic to give the relaxing gift of massage. Call us at 303-996-0381 or fill out the contact form below to schedule!


Reduce Pain, Relieve Stress & Relax This Valentine’s Day

Massage Alleviates Pain


Massage has been shown to reduce low- and upper-back pain, neck pain and headache, and to be effective for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Does your loved one spend most of his or her days sitting a desk or in an office? This month, give your loved one the gift of massage and let them experience the pain-relieving effects.

Massage Relieves Stress

Massage calms the nervous system and assists the release of feel-good chemicals and hormones. A massage will not only allow your loved one to feel great and relieve pain, but also allow them to unwind and destress from the holidays and other stressors in his or her life.

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