Can You Get Taller Going to a Chiropractor?

While chiropractic care has become very popular over the past few years, many common misconceptions remain. Few people even consider going to the chiropractor until they have an injury or unexpected back pain. 

But there’s so much more to chiropractic care than you might think. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve daily performance, and enhance your overall health. Some patients even find that they feel taller after their spinal adjustment. 

This begs the question – can you get taller by going to a chiropractor? 

Chiropractors get this question all the time, and the answer is more complicated than you’d think. Today, we’re getting to the bottom of this question once and for all. 

What Chiropractic Adjustments Can Do

Can you get taller by going to a chiropractor? Yes and no. While adult bodies can’t actually grow with chiropractic adjustments, it’s possible to feel — and even look — taller. 

The secret lies in the way a chiropractic adjustment works. A combination of spinal adjustment, posture changes, and specialized treatment can leave you walking out of a session feeling taller, lighter, and more confident. 

Let’s dig deeper into how this process works. Here are some of the things a chiropractor can do with an adjustment and how it might play a role in your height.  

Spinal Alignment

Have you ever been told to stop slouching and stand up straighter? Many people suffer from poor posture. In addition to aches and pains, poor posture can make you appear shorter than you are. 

You could develop a spinal misalignment over time due to how you carry yourself. This misalignment can occur in the connective joints, muscles, and spinal ligaments — shortening and compressing your spinal region. All of this can lead to a visible change in height as your disordered posture leaves you with a slouched appearance. 

That’s why some people walk out of a chiropractor’s office and magically appear a few inches taller. In reality, the process of spinal alignment has corrected a painful slouch.  

What is the actual process of spinal alignment? Using non-surgical methods, a chiropractor can work on your back to straighten your spine, correct your posture, and ease discomfort. Along with the realignment of the spine, you might receive exercises designed to help strengthen your stance. When your spine is misaligned, your muscles and connective tissues can become strained. The right exercises can help your whole body feel straight and balanced, not just your spine. 

Realigning the spine can straighten out and stretch your spinal bones, as well as the soft tissue around them. This allows you to appear an inch or two inches taller than before the alignment. 

The relief of a spinal alignment can also help patients feel taller. After restoring the natural function and balance of the spine, they can walk and move with the confidence of a balanced posture. 


The health of your spine goes far beyond just your posture. From back injuries to spinal deformities, deeper conditions could be causing your pain and discomfort. 

When you go to a chiropractor, they may order imaging like an x-ray to investigate the root cause of your pain. With this x-ray, they can better diagnose an injury or condition and develop an effective treatment plan. 

Getting to the bottom of your pain with imaging can help you heal faster. Ultimately, it can restore your spinal health and get you back to feeling confident when you walk, sit, and move. 

Specialized Treatment

A great chiropractor will do more than just look at your spine. They take a holistic approach, examining your body in its complexity and treating you accordingly. 

Using a range of different specialized treatments, the right chiropractor can get to the root of your pain and resolve it naturally. At Reinhardt Chiropractic and Wellness, we use a combination of joint adjustments, massage, exercise, ultrasound therapy, nutritional advice, and weight loss management to leave patients feeling more confident in their spinal health. 

When you leave your appointment, you might not be physically taller. But you’ll feel stronger, taller, and pain-free. 

So, Can a Chiropractor Make You Taller?

In short, no. A chiropractor can’t make you physically taller.

With all that being said, a chiropractor can still influence your overall height. When you ease discomfort, address pain points, and improve your spinal alignment, you might be able to fulfill the potential of your natural height. Due to posture problems or other spinal conditions, you might not be experiencing the full extent of your body’s spinal length or the inches granted by optimal posture right now. With the right holistic treatments, that could change. 

Whether or not you notice a physical difference in your height, a chiropractor can certainly make you feel taller. When you work with chiropractors like those at Reinhardt Chiropractic and Wellness, you might find yourself standing straighter and moving with greater ease — and confidence.

Looking and Feeling Your Best With Reinhardt Chiropractic 

When it comes to chiropractic care, it’s not always about the inches you can “grow” through a spinal adjustment. The real benefit of going to a chiropractor is that you can leave feeling your absolute best. 

Correcting chiropractic problems, whether it’s posture problems or a more profound unaddressed complication, can help you stand up straight and use the full length of your spine. And best of all, you’ll leave feeling more confident than before — ready to stand up tall and take on the day. 

Ready to see what a chiropractic session can do for you? Learn more about our chiropractic care, or get started and book a session with us today.