It is common knowledge that chiropractic services are available to athletes who are looking to recover from an injury, relieve back pain, or relieve aches in general. Traditionally, chiropractic care was seen as a means just for recovery, rather than a means for prevention and supplementation. But this idea is changing, especially for serious athletes.

At Reinhardt Chiropractic, a Denver chiropractor, we are part of the growing movement that promotes the preventative benefits chiropractic services can provide to athletes. Here are three highlights as to why our current clients rely on chiropractic to aid their athletic pursuits.

Increase Your Strength

Having a consistent schedule of chiropractic appointments has been proven in multiple cases to show increases in strength across a range of athletic activities. These positive results range from increased grip strength in martial arts athletes to competitive powerlifters being able to lift a heavier bar. The reason? When the body is perfectly aligned, and joints and skeletal system are in sync with the muscles, the body is more prone to grow from athletic movements and training. PGA Tour golfers such as Rory McIlroy and Jason Day have openly proclaimed chiropractic services as one of the main reasons they are able to compete at their level.

Speed Up Recovery Time

Like mentioned before, chiropractic services are becoming more and more viewed as methods to prevent as well as to repair. Olympic sprinters, NFL Football Players, and even everyday runners have all been cited to say that incorporating chiropractic care into their workout routine has reduced their recovery time, allowing them to train harder and more often with less concern of injury. Relieving the body of unnecessary soreness and aches with not only increase the physical aspect of training, it will also benefit the mind and body connection you have for motivation and execution of your workouts.

Increase Your Flexibility

Think of one sport that doesn’t require flexibility to perform at the highest level? I doubt you can. Every sport has its own demands and requirements on the body’s muscles. Without flexibility, the degree to which these muscles can perform at a high level and stay healthy is significantly lower than muscles that are flexible. In golf, good flexibility is absolutely critical for a proper swing. In running it is crucial to keep the muscles loose. Flexibility in football is a key component to staying uninjured. And, it all makes sense when you think about it. Muscles are made to expand and retract, and the degree to which they can comfortably do this will determine their health and durability. If muscles are inflexible but you demand a lot of flexibility from them in an activity, the stress can cause tears, micro-lacerations, increased fatigue, and severe soreness. But, flexible muscles are able to compensate for these physical demands and are less likely to experience the negative results.


These facts explain why chiropractic services can benefit the athletic pursuits of any sport, at any level. Taking care of your body is the main focus when dealing with sports at the individual and team levels. Reinhardt Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Denver, is here to make sure all athletes in the area have the services and support they need to perform at their best and compete at their best! Call us today or schedule an appointment to learn more about what we have to offer your athletic life!