Continuing on with our “At-Home” exercise series, we are moving onto the back. Similar to the core, the back plays a role in nearly every action or motion taken by the body. Made up of numerous muscles, the back can be broken down into three major groups: superficial group, intermediate group, and deep group. These muscle groups work in collaboration to support the head and trunk of the body. In addition, back muscles are crucial to providing structural support to the skeletal system and enabling flexibility. 

This circuit is broken down into eight different exercises to hit all major muscle groups in the back family. These eight exercises are divided into three sections: foam roller exercises, shoulder blade stability exercises, and upper back strengthening exercises. 

Foam Roller Exercises: 

  • Snow Angels 
  • Thoracic Roll 
  • Rib Roll 

Shoulder Stability Exercises: 

  • Shoulder Squeezes 
  • Shoulder Drops 

Upper Back Exercises: 

  • “The W” 
  • Rows 
  • Straight Arm Pulldowns  

This dynamic circuit focuses on strengthening and extending the range of motion for the back. Ensuring a strong back is essential to having proper posture and limiting general back pain, which is one of the most common ailments Americans suffer from. By supporting your back muscles you are helping take better care of your vertebral disks, ligaments and facet joints. Protecting the health of your spine reduces the likelihood of health complications as you age. Additionally, by improving your back strength you are helping improve your airway intake and breathing by returning the lungs to their natural resting state. 

Foam Roller Exercises

Shoulder Blade Stability Exercises

Upper Back Exercises 

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