As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. Unfortunately, when it comes to medical care, there’s not always a clear choice. There are many philosophies, ideas, and even old wives tales on the best way to keep your kids healthy. If you are considering finding a chiropractor for your kids, in an effort to provide an effective and more holistic treatment route, you are not alone.

In a world where more and more parents are looking for holistic and natural remedies for their children, it is not a surprise that the popularity of pediatric chiropractic treatment is on the rise. Chiropractic treatment in adults is a long-established way to treat many ailments without the use of medications or invasive procedures — so it is no surprise that people are beginning to open their eyes to the possibilities presented by using a chiropractor for kids. 

Do Chiropractors Treat Children? 

Yes, chiropractors do treat children, from infancy through adolescents — with most experiencing several health benefits. While there are some important differences between adult and pediatric chiropractic care, the basic concepts are the same: keep the body and nerves aligned for optimum health and wellbeing. 

The neck and spine protect many of the major nerves that run throughout the body. If the bones or joints of these areas become misaligned, they can limit the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain. This can cause pain, reduced function of organs or limbs, poor muscle development, and perhaps even anxiety and depression. Any or all of these things can hinder the proper growth and development of children. 

Chiropractors for kids need to treat differently compared to adults. Children’s bodies are smaller and the joints are not yet fully formed. Because of this, a gentler approach is required. When treating children, a greater emphasis is also put on increasing flexibility and blood flow, rather than on rearrangement of the joints themselves — as is common in adults. 

While there may be some debate over how effective chiropractic treatment is for children, there is no debate as to its safety. Compared with traditional pharmaceuticals, the incidence of side effects from adolescent childhood chiropractic care is significantly lower. 

What Is the Right Age for Kids to Receive Chiropractic Care? 

Both studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that kids of any age may benefit from chiropractic treatments.

While all ages can benefit from the care attributed to visiting a chiropractor, the specific ailments or issues that can be addressed depends on the age of the child — and what you as a parent feel is best for your kid.

Some symptoms that may indicate your child could benefit from chiropractic care include:

  • Infants: Colic, sleep problems, and problems with latching on during nursing 
  • Toddlers: Earaches, slow growth, developmental delays, and behavior problems 
  • Elementary Aged Children: Asymmetrical body or limb development, slow growth, developmental delays, behavior problems, anxiety, and hyperactivity
  • Teens: Asymmetrical growth, extreme growing pains, headaches, depression, anxiety, and sports-related injuries

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids? 

Even if your child is not suffering from a specific ailment, they can still experience benefits from quality chiropractic care.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving or correcting problems with posture 
  • Promoting and maintaining optimum nervous system function 
  • Improving the quality and duration of sleep 
  • Boosting the effectiveness of the immune system 
  • Improved concentration 
  • Increased ability to relax fully 
  • Reduction of tension due to stress 
  • Increased flexibility and strength of all joints, particularly the spine and neck 
  • Better performance in sports 

Quality chiropractic care for kids may also reduce the need for medical treatments, medications, and surgical procedures.

A holistic chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Reinhardt, understands that treating the whole body is important for achieving your best health. He believes that many traditional treatment plans do not correct the underlying problems, but rather just treat the symptoms — leaving children exposed to ineffective care. He will offer your kids chiropractic manipulation, and also suggest activities, exercises, and changes to your child’s diet and lifestyle to benefit a healthy and developing body and mind. 

Does Chiropractic Treatment Hurt Kids? 

When done by a skilled and experienced chiropractor for kids, there should be no pain associated with their treatment. In fact, many people seem to enjoy it. 

The first part of the visit should include relaxation techniques for your child’s body and mind. This usually includes dim lighting, soft music, and warmth and/or mild electrical stimulation to the back. Once your child and their muscles are in a relaxed state, the manipulation and adjustment of the joints can take place.

While the popping sensations and manipulation may seem scary at first, once your child realizes there is no pain associated with them, they can once again relax. Most even seem to like the atmosphere and the sensations of the treatment. 

When compared to your child’s experiences with traditional healthcare — which often includes getting a shot and being poked and prodded with metallic objects — a trip to the chiropractor may be a welcomed experience. 

The Best Denver CO Chiropractor 

If you live in or around Denver, Colorado, Dr. Reinhardt is your best option for chiropractic care for you or your kids. He provides a holistic approach to healthcare and knows that lifestyle adjustments are just as important to your whole-body health as the treatment you get at his office. Contact us today to find out how Dr. Reinhardt and his staff can improve the quality of life for both you and your kids.