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5 Strategies to Stick to Your 2016 Fitness Resolutions

Let’s face it, we all have trouble keeping up with our News Years Resolutions that involve staying fit. New Years Resolutions are a great start to a new year because you can start with a clean slate.

When making your fitness goals for 2016, make sure to set yourself up for success rather than failure with these simple tips:

1. Make Attainable Goals


The simple wording of a goal can determine whether or not you will accomplish it. Make sure that your goal aligns with your long-term vision, and that it is PROCESS-oriented.

Let’s use the example of losing weight: instead of setting a goal to lose 15 pounds, make your goal the number times a week you’ll visit the gym. This a process goal that allows you to measure your progress on a weekly basis. What the scale shows isn’t a good indicator of achieving your goal; for there are many factors in being healthier. Take it one step at a time. Long-term goals can frustrate the short-term process if the results aren’t coming as fast as you would like.

2. Make All the Necessary Adjustments


There’s no point in setting a lofty goal if you aren’t going to make all of the correct adaptations for that goal. If you want to lose weight, going to the gym five days a week isn’t going to help if you are still partaking in bad eating and drinking habits. If you struggle with this part the most, make it a process. If you drink soda every day, try and cutting it down to one per day, and then one every two days, and so on. This process is much easier than quitting cold turkey and will benefit you in the long run.

3. Take Care of Your Body


We always set these lofty goals for ourselves for losing weight, and drastically increase the amount of times we are working out and the nutrients we are taking in. One thing we don’t often think about is the down-time process that comes with this.

In other words, you need to make sure that you are stretching properly, sleeping the proper number of hours, and getting the correct amount of nutrients.

Stretching allows the muscles to relax and recover, therefore benefiting us in the gym with quicker results. Loose, healthy muscles grow and burn fat quicker than tense, tight muscles, as well as prevent injury. Getting your eight hours of sleep and a proper nutrient balance is crucial as well. Make sure you consume the right amount of protein and vitamins for your muscles to recover and heal themselves.

4. Post Your Goals


Make sure that your goals are visible all over your house. If you struggle with bad eating habits, post your resolution on the refrigerator door. If you struggle getting out of bed for that morning workout, change the sound and title of your alarm to motivate you getting up. Constantly seeing your goals will help keep you on track, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Don’t Work Through Injury


It is common knowledge that drastically changing your workout regime and the amount of times you exercise can create a toll on your body if not taken care of properly. If you do falter along the way and hurt yourself, be smart going forward. Seek chiropractic help if you strain your back, neck, or any other joint. Just a quick adjustment could get you back on the way to achieving your 2016 resolution goal.


Implementing these simple strategies could be exactly what you need to take 2016 on by storm. Take some time and really think about what you want to accomplish in 2016. It is okay to have more than one resolution, but make sure they are attainable and easily adaptable to your everyday lifestyle. The most important thing in fitness is taking care of your body, contact us if you have any other questions on what you can do to make 2016 the best year yet.